Former lead singer of Bikini Kill and riot grrrl icon. Went on to record a solo album as Julie Ruin and currently fronts the amazing Le Tigre.

She once scrawled the phrase "Smells Like Teen Spirit" on her friend Kurt Cobain's bedroom wall, inspiring one of his better-known songs. Courtney Love punched her backstage at Lollapalooza. Inspired Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, among others. Her boyfriend is Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz.

The most important punk performer since Johnny Rotten. Memorable moments include Bikini Kill's Rebel Girl and Suck My Left One, Julie Ruin's I Wanna Know What Love Is, and Le Tigre's What's Yr Take On Cassavetes?

Kathleen Hanna is famous for being attacked by Courtney Love at Lollapalooza '95, where Hole was performing. Courtney reportedly walked up to Kathleen and flicked a lit cigarette in her face, then punched her in the nose. It is assumed that Courtney attacked Kathleen beacuse Kathleen's friend and bandmate, Tobi Vail, had previously had a long-term relationship with Kurt Cobain (it is rumored that the Nirvana song 'About A Girl' is about Tobi Vail)... but, since Tobi was not at the concert, Courtney chose to take out her anger and frustration on Kathleen.

Kathleen Hanna filed assault charges with the police immediately. Courtney Love, however, always the drama queen, appeared onstage the next day wearing a cast and complaining that it was because "she punched some bitch in the face last night".


Kathleen is also well-known for her guest appearance in the Sonic Youth music video "Bull in the Heather". She can be seen dancing around in pigtails and fighting with Thurston for his guitar in some shots, and appears as a stripper in others (a biographical reference obviously, as Ms. Hanna was a stripper for quite some time before and during her early Bikini Kill days, and often discusses it in zines and songs).

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