Kate Dillion won the 1991 Elite Look of the Year contest. She was anorexic at the time. She was 15, 5'11", and 120 lbs. She was considered to be the "next Cindy Crawford". Unfortunately Kate Moss had emerged on the scene 2 years later, which established the waif look to be the "it girl-look of the moment. They told Kate Dillion, who gained 15 lbs, and was a size 8 that she was fat. They put her on probation, where she had to be weighed in every week. She gained more weight, and because 150 lbs. She then quit modelling.

In March of 1996, Kate Dillion became a plus-size model. She is now a size 12, and 170 lbs. She still models for companies like Gucci, and Liz Claiborne, just on the plus-size ads.

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