An independent Minneapolis UHF station. KTMA-TV, channel 23, the last-rated station in the market. This stinker is most notable for being managed by Jim Mallon (of MST3K fame). Jim worked at the station with a multi-talented jack-of-all-trades named Kevin Murphy (also of MST3K fame, he is Tom) . When their regular duties at the station (including presenting a pro wrestling show) were completed, Mallon and Murphy were permitted to use the station's equipment to produce home-grown comedy specials, which met with a modest amount of viewer success. One of these was a little gem called Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Mallon worked at a number of jobs, and even got a chance to make a movie. He directed a low-budget slasher flick for Troma Studios. Called Blood Hook, it's a charming little tale of a small Wisconsin fishing village and the crazed murderer who is doing in the townsfolk, one-by-one, using a giant hook.
Servo5678 points out that "KTMA was sold and became a religious channel - WGPR (Where God's Power Reigns) - and then was sold again. It is a WB affiliate these days."

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