Character from Star Trek played by Suzie Plakson.

Female. Her father was Klingon and her mother human, her parents DNA needed a little "help" to be compatible. Growing up between two totally different cultures wasn't easy. She said she inherited her mother's sense of humor and her father's temper.

She first became involved with Worf in 2359. She met him again in 2365 when she was a Federation emissary in the with a mission to prevent the sleeper-ship T'Ong from attacking Federation colonies and outposts. Their encounter resulted in the conception of their son Alexander, not known to either of them at the time. They almost took the Klingon marriage oath but K'Ehleyr didn't want to commit for the rest of her life and sacrifice her career. See: The Emissary (TNG)

K'Ehleyr and Worf meet again when K'Mpec, the leader of the Klingon empire, chooses Picard to select a successor. She is killed by Duras, one of the competitors for the succession, leaving behind their son Alexander. See: Reunion (TNG)

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