I hope Saige doesn't get upset for me scooping him on this, but today is an important day for me. So far I have:

I have no problem with not creating the day log node. Just that someone needs to add some links. They need to stay connected. And I might have to slap them for the choice of pronoun.

The day's excitement level seems like it will be low, as laundry seems to be the only event of the day. And maybe hitting the one week mark of an exercise routine.

Oh, more BSOD's while trying to record mp3's.


I learned something new: the kid next door picks up radio stations in his
orthodontia. He has agreed to come to the office with me whenever
there's a daytime Mets game on WFAN - I gave him a Vice Presidency and
stock options in exchange. Sucker! Mum called and helped me out with ideas
for what to do with the leftovers. Tonight will be gumbo night! Memo to me: get some baguettes and arugula for Saturday. Is there dijon in the cupboard?

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