I am sending myself on a mission today. Having spent the past eight years or so working at the Genealogy Library on McGee Road, I sent in my resignation this past week. I have worked at the Library every Wednesday from 1PM until 5PM for at least the past eight years. The previous director told me that I was the most reliable person working there. That probably tells you nothing at all about me, but only renders a sad commentary on what sort of output you can expect when when relying on volunteers. This brings us to the subject of E2.

As soon as I am released from the current drudgery at the Genealogy Library, I am assigning myself to a new drudgery at E2, or as outsiders might say, "Everything2." My mission is to make it a better place to live. Doesn't look like it should be all that hard. The first thing I would do, if I could, is to change the format of these log title pages. I would use the form YYYY-MM-DD as the title of each node in question. At least then they would appear in my node list in some sort of sequence instead of scattered alphabetically among all the others using the first letter of various months. The dashes could be left out, but I find them helpful because they render the numbers immediately recognizable as a date. (Trust me. I tried it without the dashes).

My hours will be the same as those listed above for the Genealogy Library (Wed 1PM-5PM), but please be advised that I engage in a strict adherence to flex hours. During, or around, August of 1978 I was hired as a programmer at the City of Tucson in Arizona. At the time they had something called Flex Hours. This meant that other than a few hours of each week designated for meetings that required the presence of a particular group, we were permitted to come in and work at whatever time suited the individual as long as your work was accomplished in a timely manner.

I later learned through the grape vine that flex hours had been terminated and we had to keep regular hours now like normal humans. OK. Maybe there was an actual memo, or announcement of some sort. I can no longer recall. In my own defense, there seems to be several others that also did not get the memo. Among them are those who sent the memo, if one was ever sent, which makes all of these issues irrelevant.

Anyway, such questions are now moot since I retired on, or around June of 2003. At first I enjoyed telling people that the City of Tucson now pays me for doing nothing at all, but have learned to refrain from making such a statement. Some of my previous coworkers might observe that they could not tell the difference. Also, I might be viewed as unproductive.

The least I can do is argue against the proposition that I am unproductive. Thus, my new mission: Antagonist of status quo when the quo has lost its status - E2.


Remark about status quo is from The Peter Principle by Lawrence J. Peter - a missal worthy of perusal by anyone interested in hierarchology.


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