Lieutenant Julian Subatoi Bashir is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the space station Deep Space Nine.

Born in 2341, as a young boy he had a severe learning disability so when he was six his parents had him illegally genetically enhanced. In 2352 Julian Bashir and his father were stranded on a planet and watched as they population died off of a disease which was afterwards revealed could have been cured with a native plant. This incident later caused Julian to choose to become a doctor.

In 2369, as a Lieutenant j.g., he was assigned, at his request, as CMO aboard Deep Space Nine. In 2371 he became the youngest person ever to be nominated for the Carrington Award for his work on biomolecular replication. In 2373 he was abducted by the Dominion and was impersonated by a Founder for several months before escaping with Worf, Martok, and Garak.

Played by Alexander Siddig (formerly named Siddig El Fadil) on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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