Jay Mariotti is a sports columnist for the Chicago Sun Times, the rival of the Chicago Tribune. He is probably the best, and most popular, sports writer that Chicago has to offer, for he is pretty informative, and is actually quite negative on Chicago sports teams.

Jay Mariotti is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (which could explain his negative opinions on Chicago sports teams, since he grew up watching Willie Stargell lead the Pittsburgh Pirates to a World Series, and watching Terry Bradshaw lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to plenty of Super Bowls) with a stop in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Post, before arriving in Chicago. Some say Mariotti's career at the post was cut short after a verbal spouting match with fellow columnist Woody Paige.

One thing that many people dont like about Jay is the fact that he IS negative. He is a straight shooter, and he never sees a silver lining in mediocrity. He puts it like it is, and quite frankly, he is blunt to point out how the Chicago Cubs havent won a World Series since 1908, how the Chicago White Sox havent won a World Series since 1917, and how the Chicago Blackhawks havent won a Stanley Cup since 1961. He is very critical of the management of the Cubs, and the Chicago Bears.

Many Cubs fans disagree with Mariotti, due to the fact he seems to take the most shots at the Cubs. Others dont like how blunt he is. But unfortunately, Mariotti is right about Chicago teams. They are badly run, and dont win championships.

Lastly, Mariotti is also a contributer to the ESPN show, "Around the Horn." He also has a Saturday radio show that he hosts alongside Max Kellerman on ESPN radio.

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