Day three: Today I do not want to be writing this. I have a new idea, and I want to play around with that, but I'm determined to be disciplined about this. Last night I ate some curry. I woke up feeling every bone and joint so now I'm wondering what was in that, and won't be finishing the leftovers either. A couple weeks ago I met a woman. She and I have been talking periodically, and yesterday she told me some very surprising things.

Her boyfriend broke up with her via text message when she was at work. Before she started going out with him, she had been talking to another guy that she met online. This guy told her that he lived in a very small town and worked on the family farm. During conversations she discovered that he was a firefighter, and he was going to come down to see her this weekend, but he had an alumni basketball game to attend.

My friend has met this guy, she told me that he drove down to see her, and they had the best sex ever that weekend. In addition to working on a farm, he owns his own truck. That appeals to her as do many of the other things he's told her about himself and the life that he supposedly is leading. What made my friend suspicious is she tried to find out this guy's last name using internet tools, and can't find anyone who lives in the town that he says he does who works for the fire department.

Furthermore, she searched through the people who are going to be playing in the alumni basketball game, and she can't find this person either. He sent her a picture of the side of his truck, but it's too blurry and grainy for her to see what the name of the company is to do a Google search. She's thought about calling the fire department, but is reluctant to do that in case he gets upset or is tipped off that someone is looking for him.

The bottom line; I'm worried about my friend. I think she's making a mistake in trusting someone she knows almost nothing about who is secretive, and apparently lying to her about his real name at the very least. I don't know what I should say to my friend. She's an adult, she knows what can happen, and maybe the only thing I can do is listen, and pray since no one wants to be told what to do.

There was a post-apocalyptic feeling to it. No destruction, just a sense that things were made from scraps in a way, the golden age had passed, it was the twilight of the world. It wasn't a bad feeling, just a soft kind of melancholy. I had married a Korean woman, I think, and I had the same feeling about her. It was make-do, she was the girl I just found by the side of the road as things fell apart.

I have been making sandwiches with batteries in them. Sandwiches of boiled veges on white bread, I think, all with a big battery like a slab of steak in them. The batteries are very thin black plastic on the outside, but when you bite into them they are quite soft. The middle has a kind of cloudy clearness like a lychee or Turkish Delight, but is a bit more solid. I know I have been doing this for a while, but I suddenly recoil from it. There is an oily, acidic undertone to the taste, and the casing is crunchy and plasticky. I'm sure there are heavy metals and all kinds of nasty things in there. I put down my half eaten battery sandwich in disgust.

Later I make a kind of lemon meringue pie, with linzertorte for the crust. The lemon meringue pie was piled on top like a dome. It was quite popular. I can picture old high school friends around the table. But there is a sense that they are moving on, they are distancing themselves somehow. Then I am in a hotel. I have some embarrassing music on my ipod, but the stereo system manages to sync itself with the iPod wirelessly and start playing my music to everyone. That room is like a nursing home. Then an image of me sitting on white cast-iron outdoor furniture in the sunroom.

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