My breathing is heavy.
I hear the pounding of my heart
above the engine’s noise.
"It’s stuffy in here," I say to myself
and I roll down the window.

The clock tells me to hurry;
I’ve only got five minutes left.
I take a deep breath,
light a cigarette to calm my nerves.

All I have to do is sit tight,
and somebody will come,
jangling their car keys.
They’ll stop at a car, and I will make my move.

I put the car in neutral and wait.
I’m on the end of a row of parked cars.
There he is.
He’s the one.

My victim is a strapping young lad -–
Prob’ly drives a porsche.
I follow him as he walks
straight through the lot without stopping.

Angry, I jump out and yell
"Get a car you stupid fuck!"
He turns and flips me off..

Shit. Three minutes left.
I have to find someone.
Still lurking behind the parked cars,
I see a girl.
Slowly, stealthily, I start to follow.

She stops at a car,
fumbles in her purse,
and pulls out –
is it…?
could it be…?

My hungry, eager eyes are pinned to her
as she unlocks the door
and slides behind the wheel.
The waiting is over.

But, no, what’s she doing?
She pulls a bag out of the car,
locks the door,
and walks away.

"Crazy bitch!" I yell.
"Will I ever get a fucking parking place?!?"

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