My first Daylog...erm, Nightlog?

4:32 am

Here I am, staring at my computer. Only to stop myself from staring at the wall, which does have a nice picture of heppigirl’s breasts on it, by the way. I should go to bed, but am not tired. Maybe I should eat something, or drink some tea...yeah I'll go make some tea.

Be right back...

4:36 am

Kettle is on the stove. No Chamomile...hmm...

4:42 am

Decided on Ginger tea. Not quite sure what the folklore of ginger is off the top of my head though.

Surprised about the Chamomile, as I thought I'd had it because it came in the box, but I don't remember drinking it.

Good thing I didn't put sugar in this tea. I'd be up slightly longer then.

4:48 am

Research into Ginger root results in the following uses:

This research also resulted in up-voting much of the Ginger node.

Still awake, as my tea cools and completes its liquid self-mixing. I learned how to make tea correctly from Douglas Adams.

Not from him directly of course, but from the Salmon of Doubt, a book put together from several of his interviews, speeches, and essays after he had died. So, you could say a dead man taught me how to make a good cup of tea.

Smart people, the dead.

4:53 am

Slightly hungry.

Anything quick I have contains copious amounts of sugar. That’s what happens when you go to Costco; you buy more than what you need, in the hopes you wont need it, and end up using it all within a month, and are left with nothing.

Awake, but not tired. Damn. Need to do something to keep my mind off the girl who “doesn’t want to ruin what we have”, yet at times wants as much as me (occasionally from me) otherwise we are very, very close.

I wont bore you with the details…unless you are into that sort of thing.

4:58 am

Random time notation # 6.

Things I have to entertain myself.

  • Internet – Scary
  • Music – I’m trying to calm down and sleep. Even sleepy music will keep me up.
  • Anime – Quite a bit, but I’m not looking to speed read fan-subs.
  • TV – Nothing good on. Have watched most of season one of Animaniacs, but that wont help right now. Got Angel for Christmas (season 2,4,5 missing seasons 1,3), but I like watching things in order. I’ve always got Farscape but what’s next is a three-parter.
  • Read a bookHalo: Ghosts of Onyx, good book; not in the mood to read it though.
  • Write a book – Which one to work on? To awake to sleep, yet not awake enough to focus on writing anything. Correcting my spelling as I go is enough trouble.
  • Write poetry – Don’t usually like to. Often ends up goth and broody, and this is a sort of free form poetry isn’t it?
  • Fiddle aboutDee diddle dee diddle dee. (Not doing that again!)
  • Message Boards - Little interest in reading other people’s crap.
  • Instant Message – No one up to listen to my crap.

So many options!

5:06 am

Still doing this for some reason. Tea is getting cold.

5:08 am

Tea is drunk. I am not.

5:08 am (again)

Time to rant!

Filming of the movie I wrote starts on Saturday. Yay! I am both excited and frightened.

Glad I got my crew together nicely, including a very lovely, organized director. Big problem is one of my principle (Hell, they’re all principal) actors dropped out and needs to be replaced in three days.

Ten days to shoot a forty minute film. Who will agree at the last minute? I have no idea, and am not particularly happy with the thought of me having to do it. Not because I doubt my ability as an actor, or my ability to fit the part, I just dislike double-billing.

5:13 am

Odd craving for funnel cake.

6:10 am

Just finished re-editing the first part of this…thing for Everything2. and posted it on my journal on Red vs Blue which requires less in-depth HTML. Simply Underline, Italisize, and Bold.

6:02 am

Success, I’m tired! Now to bed!

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