The late legendary bassist who played on many Sixties hits from Motown Records as part of the label's classic rhythm section "The Funk Brothers". Jamerson was (and still is) renowned for creating brilliant electric basslines that were breathtakingly complex and perfectly executed; yet he always made Motown songs groove like no others.

He was the first bassist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the "Sideman" category when it was created in 2000. The book "Standing in the Shadows of Motown," a study of Jamerson's performances by Dr. Allen Slutsky, includes tributes from well-known bassists like Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee (from Rush), John Entwistle (from the Who), and Jack Bruce (formerly of Cream).

James Jamerson died of pneumonia in 1983. According to a Detroit Free Press article which appeared shortly after his death, Jamerson had been shut out of studio work due to alcohol-related problems. But he shall be remembered.

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