Title: Woman of Tomorrow
Release Date: May 1997
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: John Dell
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and the Martian Manhunter.
Guest Stars: Tomorrow Woman, Artemis, Damage, Green Arrow, Hitman, Warrior, Steel, Plastic Man, Aztek, Supergirl, Max Mercury, and Robin.
Bad Guys: Professor Ivo, T. O. Morrow, and "IF".
Special Features: First Appearance of Tomorrow Woman; First Appearance of "electric" Superman in JLA; Death of Tomorrow Woman.

So what happens?
After attending Metamorpho's lightly-attended funeral, Superman beams up to the Watchtower to preside over JLA auditions. Though there are a few promising candidates, the one who blows all the competition away is a mutant telekinetic named Tomorrow Woman, who is quickly granted membership. The catch? Tomorrow Woman is actually a sophisticated android designed by mad scientists Professor Ivo and T. O. Morrow to fry the JLA's minds with an electromagnetic pulse.

Meanwhile, the JLA--Tomorrow Woman included--is battling the "IF" device, a futuristic weapon which is designed for pure destruction. No one's had much luck stopping it--it's a full-time job just saving all the people that "IF" tries to kill. Tomorrow Woman discovers that the device can be stopped with...wait for it...an electromagnetic pulse, but she chooses to override her programming and sacrifice herself to stop "IF". Ivo and Morrow are arrested, but they don't seem to mind--they know how the game is played...

Cool Quotes!
The preacher at Metamorpho's funeral: "Well, the sad fact is, normal people aren't very interested in metahuman funerals anymore, Superman. Everyone knows you people come back all the time. Heaven knows how many times I've buried the Immortal Man!"

(As the JLA teleporter activates...)
Green Lantern: "Jeez, I hope it's not Batman. I mean, cool, yeah, but he's way too scary for me. Don't you think when he walks into a room it's like somebody died?"
Flash: "You want scary, you should get him to tell his Joker stories..."

Max Mercury at the audition: "To be honest, I'm really only here because the Flash asked me along. And...well, this is the first time I've ever been to the moon. I...ah...brought my camera."

Hitman at the audition: "Name's Monaghan, Tommy Monaghan. I've got X-Ray Vision and telepathy and I kill superpeople--for money."
Martian Manhunter: "Next."

Hitman after the audition: "Hey, I only came along to check out Wonder Woman with my X-Ray Vision. Now I can die happy."

The preacher at Tomorrow Woman's funeral: "I wasn't sure what to say, Superman. I'm sorry. I haven't buried many machines."
Superman: "No. And you didn't bury one today."

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