Title: Our Army at War
Release Date: February 1999
Writer: Grant Morrison
Penciller: Mark Pajarillo
Inker: Walden Wong
JLA Members: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Huntress, Plastic Man, and Zauriel.
Guest Stars: The Ultramarine Corps (Warmaker One, 4-D, Flow, and Pulse 8), Hourman, J. J. Thunder, and the Thunderbolt.
Bad Guys: The General.
Cameos: Jack O'Lantern, Vixen, and others I didn't recognize.

So what happens?
Batman, Plastic Man, and the Huntress battle the General: the mind of General Wade Eiling in the shaved-bald body of the immortal and indestructible Shaggy Man. But they make no headway against him--even when they blow his limbs off, he regenerates them back within seconds. He plans to destroy the JLA, let his Ultramarine Corps die of their toxic superpowers, then rule the world forever in a one-man military dictatorship.

Back in Phoenix, Superman is able to convince the Ultramarines and the Army that Eiling has lied to them, and the JLA and the Ultramarines charge out to confront the General in Nevada. Though they interrupt Batman's almost-successful attempt to hypnotize the General, they are able to knock him onto a teleporter pad and transport him into the asteroid belt. He can't die, but he'd have trouble getting himself back to Earth...

In the end, a way is found to keep the Ultramarines from dying, and they set up shop as an international peacekeeping force based in a floating city called Superbia at the ruins of the recently-nuked city of Montevideo.

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