J.D.Edwards OneWorld JDE
Enterprise financial software developed in Denver, Colorado. OneWorld runs on multiple platforms including IBMAS/400, Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT/2000. Compatible with a variety of databases including Oracle, DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server. Current release is OneWorld Xe ("Xe" stands for "extended enterprise"), the latest release is built on the time tested foundation of OneWorld, and OneWorld Xe enables you to securely extend your business systems beyond physical walls to collaborate with your customers, partners, and suppliers.
 Xe utilizies a single, JAVA, role-based point of entry. A decent port from MAINFRAME --> CLIENT SERVER --> WEB PORTAL architecture.

So what does this program do anyway? It is accounting software for multi-million dollar, multi-national corporations.
Not a bad software package for the money, and its quite a bit less than Oracle.
Note: The Fat Client has a much richer featureset than the Portal version.

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