EP recorded and released by The Dillinger Escape Plan, shortly after the departure of their original vocalist, Dmitri Minakakis. It was released on Epitaph Records late 2002. It features Mike Patton, established vocal talent extraordinaire within the world of extreme avant garde rock, as the vocalist.

The Dillinger boys originally intended this to be an instrumental release*. They were in discussion with Patton's label, Ipecac, about possibly releasing the EP on his label. The two had developed a bonding when Dillinger opened for Patton's band Fantômas during a tour. When Patton heard their ideas, he was very enthusiastic and offered to do the vocals.

A lot of CD-R's were exchanged for a couple of months, and finally the whole thing was brought together in the studio by both parties. The result is an EP of four tracks and a modest playing time of about 15 minutes, which packs about the same punch as being run over by a train. It is an eclectic mix of Dillinger's infamous blend of hardcore, jazz, rhythmic complexity and general insanity, and Patton's mindbending vocal capabilities (capable of going from a thundering roar, ear-piercing scream, soothing crooning, light-speed whispering, and something that sounds like Gregorian chanting, all in the same song).

The track listing is as follows:

  1. Hollywood Squares
  2. Pig Latin
  3. When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
  4. Come to Daddy

The first three are original compositions, and the fourth is - as the title suggests - a cover of that famous Aphex Twin song.

The EP isn't for everybody. Anybody who has heard Dillinger before will attest to the fact that their music definitely pushes the boundaries of extreme music (not to mention the humanly possible). Pile the well-known insanity of Mike Patton, best known as front man for Mr. Bungle and Faith No More, on top, and you know you have something special. Highly recommended, if you can stomach it. :)

* As professed by the interview that can be found on Epitaph's website.

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