Faith No More's second album released in 1987, last album w/ Chuck Mosley. Dispite the fact that this doesn't have Mike Patton on vox, I stil like this more than many of Patton-era Faith No More's post-Angel Dust releases. The lyrics are pretty cool . . . sometimes.

Also, this is a song on the album.

Track List:

1. Faster Disco (Faith No More/Mosely) - 4:17
2. Anne's Song (Faith No More/Mosely) - 4:47
3. Introduce Yourself (Randy Bottum/Faith No More/Mosely) - 1:30
4. Chinese Arithmetic (Faith No More/Mosely) - 4:36
5. Death March (Faith No More/Mosely) - 2:59
6. We Care a Lot (Randy Bottum/Faith No More/Mosely) - 4:01
7. R n' R (Faith No More/Mosely) - 3:11
8. Crab Song (Faith No More/Mosely) - 5:52
9. Blood (Faith No More/Mosely) - 3:39
10. Spirit (Faith No More/Mosely) - 2:50

From the day I was born, I took the bull by the horns, and gave you
plenty to scorn, well right on! Then you said in a song that life was
gettin' real tough, but hey I think that you're bluffing, what of it?
Introduce yourself (right on!)

Now two decades gone by and I know that's a long time, para tiempo means
nada nunca. Cause I'm still the same asshole and I still wet my pants
every time that I see you face (who are you?)

Introduce yourself (right on!)

Hey Mr. Biggs, Hey Mr. Bestall, Hey Mr. Warner what's up?
Hey Mr. Enigma, Hey Mr. Big time, Hey Mr. Epic, What's going on?
Introduce yourself (right on!)

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