Some of these are euphamisms.

Rambutan - A tropical fruit - Hairiness
Orang Hutan - Orangutan, A Great Ape - Jungle Man
Buah Dada - Breast(s) - Chest Fruit
Kupu-Kupu Malam - A Prostitute - Butterfly of the night.

From Gritchka:
Mata Hari - Sun - Eye of the day.
Telur Mata sapi - Fried egg (Sunny side up) - Cow's eye egg

Kamar Kecil - Toilet - Little room. Thanks Boldra.

Thanks to Netsharc for these:
Lampu merah - traffic lights - red light. It's always "red light" no matter what color it is - red, orange, green, or even black (as in failure, it happens often enough)
Air seni - urine - art water.

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