It's true - intelligence is sexy. A conversation at a high level is more of a turn on for me than a male strip review. A guy who can do integrals in his head is more attractive than Mr. America. And don't even get me started on guys who can discuss physics!! The most physically handsome man in the world will immediately be a turn off if he only has two active brain cells.

There may be an evolutionary aspect to this. Now that physical brawn is not required to survive in our society, it's the smart guys who are thriving and succeeding. Or it could be that my girlfriends and I have excellent taste.

The sad part is that the intelligent guys don't know how sexy they are and are too shy!

Lao-Tzu - Happily all of the guys on Everything2 are intelligent!
(Getting votes is definitely NOT the intention of this node though - I'm just posting the truth.)
Needless to say, the same applies for women. A female that is not only interested, but well versed, in some field of scholastics--be it science, computers, art or writing--automatically gets bonus points. Women who are interested in the same things that I am are obviously more interesting to me than others, but a woman who is mature and shows that she has a good head on her shoulders, regardless of her interests, can be very attractive.
Women who are physically attractive and have no wit, wisdom or style to back up their self-important demeanor make me physically ill. I am so completely repulsed by them that, regardless of my seemingly boundless sexual drive, I generally end up insulting them, ignoring them or completely snubbing them. To be frank, it has actually become a hobby of mine over the years to shrink unjustly bloated heads; deflating egos can be an addictive pastime.
Intelligence is sexy beyond belief. Attractive in the extreme. I wouldn't say my loved one is any kind of bishounen, but he's so smart (in addition to all those other good qualities, of course). I found myself reacting to watching him lecture once the way other women react to Robert Redford taking off his shirt. My academia fetish may be a little stronger than most, but the fact remains that an intelligent guy is exceedingly attractive to most geek girls.

It can't be dumb knowledge, though. An in-depth knowledge of Linux is probably not going to be a broad-spectrum aphrodisiac. A range of intelligence and a rudimentary personality are also important. I know one of the first things that truly impressed me about my boyfriend was that in addition to being a brilliant triple major in Physics-Math-Computer Science, he'd read Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The whole thing. More than once. Heart eyes! And he was impressed that in addition to my humanities specialties, I could discuss quantum theory and astrophysics (up to a certain point, anyway ;p).

Intelligence IS sexy. Rowr!
a more generalized title could be "Interesting is Sexy". the concept of sexy moves far beyond physical appearances. it's in the way people carry themselves, what you see behind their eyes, the glint in their voices and what they're saying, the way they eat, sleep, think, fuck... whatever. a person doesn't need to be a knockout to incite passion. intelligence is wonderful, beautiful, and in a contest with looks it will always emerge triumphant. but it's beautiful because it's interesting.

the other side of this coin is that stupidity is ugly.

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