Indian Poker is a outrageously fun, if no longer politically-correctly-named variation of poker in which each player is dealt one card face down, which they then proceed to raise up to their forehead, such that all other players can see their card, but they themselves do not know what it is. The mind games now commence. At this point, the players are encouraged to engage in all manner of mocking, jeering, and other assorted belittlement of each others' pathetically low cards. Next, players are enjoined to reverse psychology and engage in copious fawning, sycophantic self-denigration at the utter hopelessness of competing against cards of such lofty and august stature. Reverse again and again, as desired. If they are gambling types, players engage in a round of betting or two, followed by more mind games. Finally the players are each given the opportunity to trade in their card for another. The stare-down that ensues as players struggle to decide is the ultimate test of guts, will, perceptiveness, and pure bullshitting capacity. At last the men split from the mice, the wheat separates from the chaff, the cream rises to the top and the players place their cards to the table. Game over. The highest card wins.

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