What a great setup- I mean, you're completely free of being held responsible for your actions under an agreement if its terms bind you this way. You can't go off breaching trust or your contract, but you can fuck up your operation and lose out on your end product or goal and not be sued. But then so can the other party... In most cases contract law is mutually beneficial that way.

Webster 1913 defines the word Indemnify as "to save harmless" and if you spend any amount of time perusing legalese you should note yet another gaping hole in the diction used within documents, transcripts and articles focusing on the law. An English prof would have a fit.

I sometimes give cubicle sermons- preaching in legalese to the other drones around me when I get hyperactive at work. In my best Jim Bakker voice, I beg for Indemnification for behaving in such a way.

"Whereas I ask for you to Indemnify and Save Me Harmless from the
 evils of the Cubicle Nazi for my rants and preachings, but I cannot STOP! 
 We cannot stop the madness, can we?"

"Hell, No!" a voice cries from the other side of the partition.

"And we, the employee are known herein as the peon. Peons say Amen"

"Amen!" cries the voice.
I get weird looks from people when I get like this.

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