In my point of view, this is dEUS' most experimental album, and their best too. It features one of the most rocking drumrolls ever in "Fell Off the Floor, Man", two different lyric lines sung simultaneously in "Opening Night", and a competition between Klaas Janzoons' low-tuned violin and a real classic string quartet in "Gimme the Heat". The album was produced by the legendary Eric Drew Feldman, who worked, among others, with Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, Pixies and Frank Black.

AFAIK, four videos were made for this album: "Turnpike", "Little Arithmetics", "For the Roses" and "Fell Off the Floor, Man". Around Europe "Turnpike" used to be shown in cinema thatres before "Trainspotting"; "For the Roses" video is "Turnpike"'s sequel -- they both show a man and a transvestite walking around the town (is it N.Y.C.? is it Antwerp?) and doing weird things, like eating cigarettes out of innocents passers-by.

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