This is one of the Races of Everquest.

The Iksar are a lizard-like race of sentiant beings that inhabit the continent of Kunark in Norrath. They used to have a enormous empire spanning all of Kunark, but now all of it is in ruins except for the inner part of their capitol and only remaining city, Cabilis. They are a medium sized race, and they can't wear plate armor. They get an AC bonus inherently.

The Iksar also start off with fairly difficult newbie zones, are KOS everywhere else on the entire planet, and are located in the middle of a bunch of zones intended to give challenge to characters in their 40's and 50's. In addition, in order to get to where the other races and recommended zones are, they have to travel to an entirely different continent.

On the plus side, Iksar are tallish, are the second race to be able to be monks, have infravision, regeneration, and get a wonderful bonus to swimming.

Despite their difficulty, Iksar are quickly becoming one of the more popular races among the Evil races.

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