I can't believe but i threw out food today, and dishes and tea and soap. Perfectly good. Threw out the jars they came in, the boxes, the bottles. Someone's Costa Rican coffee liqueur, half a jar of green olives, dried mushrooms, jam, margarine, bread, coffee, mysteriously large amounts of baking yeast found lurking in the freezer, homemade grape juice labelled 1999, a paper bagged lunch (deformed sandwich, apple, cookies), leftover miso soup, garlicky pickled cucumbers, a 1.25 lb. box of cumin... bean soup. Herbal tea. Balsamic vinegar. 3 eggs. Tortillas. Peanut butter, tahini, rosemary. Seitan. Spinach and a lonely carrot. A jar of couscous. A whole glass salt shaker, a bottle of cider vinegar, a bottle of Bragg Aminos.
This is a confession, bear with me. This is the death toll,
double-bagged and clanking down the stairs heavily.

Perfectly good glass jars, not even recycled! Dried hibiscus flowers. Half a bottle of icky strawberry margarita mix (will not be missed). A small chunk of tofu swimming in cloudied water. A bottle of cheap soy sauce that bled on the kitchen floor and left splashes all down the stairs. A veggie burger from the freezer. Corn meal, pastry flour, rye flour, buttermilk flapjack mix. Chopped walnuts and slivered almonds and brown miso. Mustard seeds. A little bit of homemade kahlua, with a long tall vanilla bean. Weird slices of orange soy cheese, individually wrapped, that no one ever admitted to buying. American soy cheese? What's next?

We're leaving plants hanging on the porch that really don't belong to anyone. Even though no one is about to move in - they'll be de-leading the apartment for 6 to 8 weeks once we're gone; i'm glad i wasn't licking the walls. But still. Maybe the plants will die. But still; i threw out food. How guilty i feel. It's just not right.
If you're hungry, blame me.

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