Interesting idea, but inevitably flawed. I shall explain why this particular plan to conquer the globe with murderous mechanical monstrosities is marred. There are three principal flaws which I shall adress below, then I shall provide a slightly more efficient plan of global domination, featuring everyone's favorite angry automatons.

Primus: although I may have scientific advisors, toadying yes-men, unremorsefully savage sadistic palace guards, thousands upon thousands of mindless and slavishly loyal minions and a beautiful, but treacherous, concubine (incidentally, tell Aaron that this particular position is open); I run a one-man show. Like thousands of Evil Geniuses before me; Attila the Hun, Napoleon, Vlad the Impaler and Martha Stewart I just don't enjoy sharing the spotlight, and I certainly don't want Cheech Marin ruling a quarter of the globe. No, like Veruca Salt, I want the whole world and I don't want to share it.

Secundus: I know he's a B-Grade star, but do you expect *NO ONE* to notice that Cheech Marin is hiding giant robots in his San Ysidro warehouse? I mean, your neighbors notice when you wear the same pants two days in a row.

Tertius: The public is too fickle for your media saturation aspect of the plan to work. Sure, you could try to make robots really popular, but chances are the media overkill would bring a Backstreet Boys style backlash and then it would be the cool thing to hate them. And if you plan on making a movie with Bronson Pinchot, you might as well just call it "straight to video".

Now, an effective world-domination plan with robots might go as follows:

1. Determine the world's most popular stars
2. Kidnap them, replace them with exact robot replicas.
3. Have the robot stars organize some sort of big benefit; like "Let's save the children"
4. Invite all major world leaders, anyone not wanting to be seen as a big meanie will show up.
5. Once the last political bigwig has arrived, have the robots reveal their horrible, horrible secret and hold the leaders hostage
6. Demand complete rule of the world as ransom.

Of course, this plan too is flawed; it would be nearly impossible to make a robot exactly as thin as Courteney Cox and whoever the next american president is, chances are no one will care enough about him to give over control of the country to ransom him.

Ok, I have played enough Mega Man games to know that you need Eight Robots, not ten, and that you always have to have a scape goat to hide behind in case a pesky midget in blue armor shows up to stop you. All of your robots must have a weakness to one of their comrades weapons, and must all end with the word 'man' (such as Fire Man, Ice Man, Hard Man, Plant Man, ect. Sort of like how Digimon all end with the letters mon).
Wait a minute...Dr. Wily always loses...
So scratch that. Get a scape goat, because they are one of those things that are nice to have. Then build a robot roughly the size of a basketball. Give it all the tools necasary to complete it's programming. Then program it to do only a single task...
Find all the parts required to build an exact duplicate of itself, and then put it together. Within months this living computer virus will be everywhere. They will now be the number one house pest and will drive people mad.
You then hold the world ransom (via your aforementioned scape goat) and say you'll press the little red button that makes them all go away if you're giving absolute control of the planet.
If they disagree, press the little green button which causes them all to transform into giant Optimus Prime-like super transformers. They will then proceed to tear apart everything until:
A. The world leaders surrender to you.
B. There is nothing left to rule.
C. You get bored and go play some Mega Man.

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