A cheaper version of the Ibanez Universe 7-string guitar, this model has a floyd rose bridge (the Ibanez RG7421 is a Fixed Bridge). There is also the Ibanez AX7521, which is one I really want, and an acoustic 7-string, the AJ307CENT. I own one of the RG7420's, so my bias may be apparent.

They come w/ a basswood body, maple neck, jumbo frets, a pair of humbuckers (IBZ V7-71, which I wanna rip out and put some hi-gain stuff in there) at the bridge and neck positions, and a 5-way switch (w/ volume and tone knobs).

My primary complaint is the lack of sustain, I've tried to put heavier strings (Blue Steel Mediums is my preference), but there wasn't enough tension in the springs for the floyd-rose to balance them out. Sux. I had to tune down to Carcass levels before I could get it to stay in tune. However, I don't like that, so I bought, once again, lighter strings.

The playability is good, near great when I have new strings, I notice no fret buzz when it's tuned properly (actually, I tune AEADGBe}.

I play all sorts of styles from Metal to Classical to blueson the thing, and they all come across OK. Maybe it's my amp or my lack of talent, but I haven't heard anything great come out of it, just a lot of mediocrity. I look forward to getting a new amp (hopefully a Triple Rectifier), but, until then, I can make no real comments about the guitar's sound.

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