Liverpool-born singer, producer, and composer who's particularly famous for his work with the Lightning Seeds, a basically one-man perfect pop song factory that Broudie started back in 1989 with the classic album 'Pure'.

The Lightning Seeds have gone on to be _exceptionally_ popular, both in terms of song use in adverts (seemingly featured in every car ad on British TV _ever_), and in terms of popular recognition for his smooth, beautifully produced hits that have shades of the Beach Boys in both obsessive production quality, beautiful melodies, and critical credibility whilst tapping into the mainstream love of pop.

Other interesting Ian Broudie facts - he started his career in Big In Japan, the group that also spawned members of the KLF and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, his early production work for Frazier Chorus, whilst difficult to get hold of, is absolutely amazing (try finding the album 'Ray', if you can), and yes, he wrote the ubiquitous 1996 English European Cup (soccer!) anthem, 'Three Lions'.

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