I want you to know who I am beyond my name because we're worth nothing together if that's all we know. I am me. I'm not always aware of other's feelings as they may be hidden under my feet. I don't always say the right thing. I don't always do what I should. I'm quite cynical... but also a dreamer. I can be selfish. I can be harsh. I am always stubborn. I care though. I cry just like you do, and I bleed the same liquid, and my heart beats in a rhythm much like your own.

I am as insecure as any other person. I question the small things and wonder why. I get nervous when I am alone with someone for the first time. I really hope that I don't trip over something in front of them (like my own clumsy feet) or start speaking gibberish, or worse have nothing to say to them at all. That being said, I'm a fan of comfortable silences... when the music is turned up and speech isn't needed because you're drumming in time with the beat and the lyrics are the conversation.

Initially, I am more comfortable in writing than I am with spoken words. In person so much more is given away; through the way my blue eyes look away when i'm uncomfortable or down when i'm sad, and the way my yielding lips move to the side when i'm thinking while my bottom lip is bitten by my own teeth, and how my diminutive fingertips always search for innocent human contact, and the way my forehead wrinkles and my eyebrows raise when i'm confused and the inflection in the words that roll off my tongue and how every molecule that makes up my being is yearning to be known and understood.

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