It's difficult to want to pull so much more out of people than they're willing to admit they possess. I've seen a few people on the edge of being so much more, of progression, of thinking outside of this box that the world places us in upon birth. I've held their honesty towards me in my grip and watched it slip away back under the surface of their routines and their facades. I feel as though i've failed multiple people, failed to use our close proximity to open their eyes, and am now seen as a weight of the past, one they'd like off of their shoulders. Who am I to force anyone to carry such a weight, who am I to allow them not to? I'm not a heavy weight, i'm the lightest thing they'll ever carry, if they understood me at all. I'm usually disheartened when they don't, but I move forward. Because I realize these facades they won't admit to, or may not even know exist, people clinging to a life that asks them to confront nothing, allows them to sit idly by in their comfort zone and do what they're "supposed" to do. Because they can say they're working towards something, towards a career, towards a family, towards everything that the world says is all that matters before you die. Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 in life's instruction manual of how to live it. The manual we skimmed through in the womb and have clung to ever since because we're unsure what else there is in this world to hold onto. I always want to be taught; I want to learn and be challenged by open minded spirits. I want to see the world as people who have had different experiences than I have see it, and offer them the ability to see it through my life and my own experiences. I want to be confronted by our differences and inspired by our ability to unify as a single being in quiet moments spent on a common ground. I want to feel connected to people by a thicker tie and not fear that it will fray, because even if the circumstances were to change, that doesn't change who we are. I want friendships/relationships that don't follow the standard. I expect so much more out of everyone than the standard reactions and responses. I want to take on the world, throw my routine into the lost and found, and run through places my eyes have yet to see. I want to touch blades of grass in another city and watch the clouds float on, as if there is nothing I need to face but my physical being, and where my feet will lead me next. I want to do it with genuine people at my side, those who aren't afraid to see what there is to see, those willing to accept that there is more out there than what they've left behind, there is more out there than what is expected of us in society. There can be so much more meaning, so much more feeling, so much more knowledge in every minute that we spend here. There is so much more.

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