i woke when he came home
quiet, clouded still by sleep-
dreaming, also, of imprisonment
he climbed into bed
locked his arms around me
began snoring
hello dear, how was your day?
i walked barefoot through hell, thanks for asking
can i talk to you?
later... i guess...
sleep well.
this is your last chance to for a while...
still having faith, and all

stared at the ceiling for a while

what really happened

i was falling asleep,
standing under flickering flourescents
surrounded by strangers with public fingerprints
look directly into the camera thank you now profile
my, you're photogenic, aren't you?
been told i have evil eyes...
sign here and get out

he talks in his sleep
to people i will never meet
it's all nonsense.
i get up and light a cigarette...

the flakiness it was mutual, i told you i get weird when i forget to sleep

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