To paraphrase from memory what George Harrison said about this song, it's about the deluge of thoughts that cascades through our brains constantly but is difficult or impossible to put into words when we try.

The lyrics are all right, and the melody is pretty good, but what makes this song stand out is the sublime dissonant note, played on a piano, that kicks in first on the line "when you're here" and in the same place in each subsequent verse. The song is in the key of A, and on that line, when the harmony should be playing an E major chord, there's this... F. Just about the most dissonant note you could use here, it's a half step off in the wrong direction from the root note, and it's certainly not in the A major scale. Something must be wrong here. And so it is. When you're here, all those words, they seem to slip away... It's a nice moment, and while I was a bit surprised the first time I heard this song, it quickly grew on me.

The F resurfaces, slightly more subtly, during the chorus, this time when the harmony is a B. Again, that F is out of place, a tritone away from the root of the harmony, and it never really resolves to anything. And yet... I've got time...

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