Hwa Rang is the eighth pattern learnt for the ITF style of Tae Kwon Do and is therefore the pattern required for promotion from 2nd kup (red belt) to 1st kup (black tags), the last grading before black belt.

The definition of the pattern is as follows: "Hwa Rang is named after the Hwa Rang youth group which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th century. This group eventually became the actual driving force for the unification of the three kingdoms of Korea. The 29 movements of the pattern refer to the 29th infantry division where Tae Kwon Do developed into maturity."

The movements for the pattern, and its diagram, may be found at http://www.itf-information.com/sub0408.htm. Hwa Rang reverts back to the sharper and faster movements of earlier patterns, after the more flowing forms of Joong Gun and Toi Gye.

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