Once upon a time, I saw a certain friend of mine showing off their "Tramp Gloves". However, upon further inspection, these gloves were revealed to merely be mass-produced fingerless woollen gloves. In a way, I saw this as stupid. This person had gone out and spent some money buying some gloves so they could look like a tramp. Yet no tramp would ever do that. Tramp gloves that tramps can't afford? Ridiculous!

This got me thinking. That generally is a bad sign, but I went on regardless. If tramps can't afford tramp gloves, how do they get tramp gloves?

In the end, I don't think I have answered that question, but I have got myself a pair of "cheap" gloves. They do look slightly trampy, though. And they are surprisingly warm.

Now, whilst I've been rambling on you will no doubt have asked yourself the burning question, "How can I make these mysterious tramp gloves of which you speak?" (or, alternatively, "Get on with it!" depending on your personality.) Well, I shall reveal all! Here is my not yet patented technique for creating your very own tramp gloves!


Step 1:
Get an old pair of socks. The socks will directly affect the appearance, warmth etc. of your finished gloves, so choose wisely! Or just pick a pair of old holey ones like I did.

Step 2:
Get a pair of scissors. The scissors shouldn't make much difference, but using blunt scissors could give a trampier look.

Step 3:
Cut the end of the sock off. To get the length right, you could either put the glove on your hand and check where your fingers are, or rely on blind luck. Remember; it is a lot easier to fix some gloves that are too big than some gloves that are too small.

Step 4:
Cut a thumb hole. Don't make the mistake of making the hole too big; a really tiny hole can easily stretch to the largest of thumbs. Just make a small incision in the correct place, put on the glove and stretch the hole a bit.

Step 5:
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the other glove. Simple, eh?

Step 6:
Admire your stylish tramp gloves!

Believe it or not, these gloves are surprisingly warm (although they could get you some strange looks!)

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