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Yeah. It's me.

At the moment I am new here, so if I do something wrong or something, please tell me. Because otherwise I'll never learn.

Who am I? I'm me. But that's not really telling you anything at all.

Basicly, I'm a silly english teenager with too much time on his hands. I can write angsty rubbish, or stupid ramblings. But most of the time I can't tell which.

People have different opinions about me. Some people think I'm clever. Some think I'm stupid. Some think I'm strong. Some people think I'm weak. Some people think I'm an emo, a tramp, a hiker, Jesus, a computer, a clone... Some people think a lot of things.

I've done a lot of things in my life. Somethings are good, there are somethings I regret, there are somethings I wish I could tell everyone but know that I never will. But most things I just end up forgetting.