Today I was chopping onions.

I know I can't cook. But the one thing I can do is chop vegetables. I've been chopping them for years.

Thing is, I've never started crying from chopping them. For years I've not understood what that thing was about. Actually I haven't cried for years for any reason.

But today, I was chopping onions and I suddenly felt a tiny sting in the corner of my left eye. I ignored it, and moved on to the next onion. The stinging continued, and before I knew it tears were gathering in the corner of my eye.

And I let them fall down my face. For years I knew I had just been gathering them inside myself, and now I could let them all go free. I let them run down my nose and gather at the tip. And then they fell. As they fell, I remembered all of those sad things I'd hidden away. All the supressed memories I was too frightened to think of.

But I wasn't sad. I was happy. Because I thought I had forgotten how to cry.