One of the residents of the arctic circle in Pokey the Penguin. Pokey first goes up against boxing glove in a popcorn factory in the issue aptly named Pokey and the Boxing Glove. Even though he's quickly told that it was nothing more than a dream, the glove returns to antagonize briefly in Pokey's moment of drunken revelry in Maple Syrup.

The glove then returns in Pokey and the Motorcycle Race, to first disrupt the life of Jayn, then to threaten to come after Pokey himself. Then an interesting development takes place in the next issue, Mr. Nutty and the Devil. As a result of victory in a game of Blackjack against the devil, Mr. Nutty wins control of the boxing glove.

Mr. Nutty's control of the glove causes Pokey to have a car wreck in The Seatbelt Saves. In Pokey the Pugilist, Pokey tries to take revenge on the glove ina a boxing match, and fails miserably.

In some of the later comics, the glove is also seen assisting Pokey. However, in the glove's first teaming with Pokey, they meet up with an unspeakable evil that even the glove cannot stop...a man known as THE GOVERNOR!!!!.

In the glove's last appearance to date, they go on a lunchtime mission from god in Enter My Garden of Good And Evil. It's odd how the glove is going on missions from god when it started out possessed by the devil. I hope it hasn't been born again.

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