Always crack They'll never know it was you...

  • First, I'll add that you should never, never tell anyone. Many people who break into computers want to be cool and go about bragging to people. If no one around you has any suspicion it will make things much easier. Do you know how many criminals have been turned in by someone close to them? I don't either, but I know it happens a lot.

  • Also automate stuff. Get information on how to crack something first, then go back and automate what you want to do later. Don't sit there and play around, plan it out and write a program. How could you have done it, you were in Chicago that weekend.

  • Use a payphone and an acoustic coupler. That way, you can dial into some ISP account, maybe AOL or something and even if phone company records are shown, they won't lead to anything. Especially if you take a road trip to the middle of nowhere and do your buisness.

  • Routing through other people's computers is a good idea, and combining that with an ISP from another country is better, but just to ice the cake, once you have broken someone's computer, find out what user names they use and try for their passwords. When you find them create accounts at any hacking/cracking/phreaking/security/programming sites you can with their username and password combo. Log them on so they have the cookies on their computer too. Anyone looking for you might easily stop at them.

  • Remember that a good cracker can do it. A better one can do it without getting caught. And the best will do it without the person even knowing they were cracked in the first place.
  • The most basic important way to avoid getting caught is to not leave any trails!

    Don't alter or delete files, don't run programs that consume all the CPU cycles. Use a rootkit to prevent your processes and file from being visible to other people, and to remove your entries from the login database. They can't catch you if they don't notice you're there.

    Of course, this is a lot more difficult if the victim uses an IDS, or programs lik tripwire and rootkit detectors. On the other hand, if they do their boxes are most likely also too tightened up for you to get in easily in the first place.

    And of course, two can play that game. While you're busily installing the rootkit and sniggering about how easy it was to 0wn that box, you might fail to notice that it was only a honeypot anyway and they are now busily tracking you down and sniggering about how easy it is to pinpoint your location and sic the FBI on you.

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