This node is inspired by a quick joke by George Carlin which consisted of the aforementioned title, or some close variant thereof. Originally, when i read it, I laughed and dismissed it. Then I got to thinking..

Think about it. Many people (myself not included), partake in recreational drug use. Some of these drugs are taken through such pointy/scary/dangerous means as needles, syringes, pipes, pills, and so forth. Would it really surprise anyone if people started shoving things up their arseholes for a good high?

Anal sex certainly is popular, so it's not like people don't have a problem shoving things up into their nether regions. I'm certainly not advocating the use of drugs, but i'd like to see a recreational suppository hit the streets. At the very least we could come up with some funny nicknames for the suppository users.

I know several people who have taken pills containing illegal drugs (mostly ecstasy) by other means than the recommended oral route. They have crushed and snorted them, or inserted them into the anus or vagina.

This can be refered to as experiencing anal ecstasy.

The rectal or vaginal routes offer higher absorbtion rates than oral ingestion due to the sensitve mucous membranes, but are not as quick or intense as a smoked or injected drug.

How witches fly: If the stories about the medieval witches are to be believed, recreational suppositories have a long history. Those stories about witches flying on broomsticks are apparently based on a practice of administering flying ointment on the end of a broom handle.

Well actually, to add to StrawberryFrog's suggestion about the broomstick, there is archaelological evidence of certain cultures — among them, the Mayans — using ritual enemas to inject a psychedelic tea in through the out door, if you follow me. The brew was made out of psilocybin or peyote or whatever was the drug of choice, placed in some sort of bladder with a nozzle, and administered. Whereas the broomstick story sounds like an urban legend, they have actually recovered these enema devices. They look like turkey basters.

Given that one of the large intestine's main roles is to remove water from whatever is passing by, these psychedelics easily pass through the intestinal walls and into the blood stream. The best part of this method of ingestion is that the user/shaman doesn't get sick. If you've ever done mushrooms, you know what a challenge it is to keep the dang things down. Of course, the down side is that this technique probably won't make you too popular at parties.

See also: peyote enema.

I would node some specifics, but even though Google turns up a host of sites when you search for "psilocybin enema drug anal," the damn firewall here at work won't let me open them. :)

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