A young man is late for work one morning. He's driving a convertible much too fast, and as he crosses a bridge he gets flagged down by a traffic cop with a radar gun.

"In a hurry are we, sir?" asks the policeman, drily.
"'fraid so." replies the young man. "I'm late for work and I have a very important job."
"Really, sir? And what would that be?" returns the policeman.
"I'm an anus stretcher."
"A what?"
"Well, you see, I start with one finger, then I stretch it until it takes two fingers, then a whole hand, then both hands and eventually, by carefully separating my hands I can get it to about six foot.

The cop looks him, bemused.

"What the hell do you do with a six foot arsehole?" he inquires
"Well," replies the young man, "I give him a radar gun and put him on the side of a bridge..."

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