How's she cutting?

This is a phrase used frequently amongst rural and pseudorural folk in Ireland. It's usual function is to inquire about a person's well being or the state of that person's affairs in the same vein as "Howya?" and on occasion "Howya Horse?".

Details on the origins of the phrase are somewhat sketchy, but one would presume that it refers to bygone days when farmers would pass each other by during the annual harvest. The would nod solemnly at each other, observe their cutting equipment and demand to know how well their devices were slicing up the surrounding fields of produce.

If "she" was cutting well then the farmer would be happy, safe in the knowledge that his kids would not be surviving solely on potatoes for the year, but potatoes and wheat.

If "she" was cutting badly, well, it doesn't bear thinking about....

An acceptable modern response to "How's she cutting?" would be:

"Straight down the middle like a razor blade."

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