Case Bearing Cloth Moth (Tinea Pellionella) & Common Cloth Moth (Tinea Biselliella)

These moths are of similar appearance being about 6-8mm long. Tinea Pellionella is the duller of the two with pale buff front wings usually with three faint, dark dots. These wings have a sheen caused by a sprinkling of dark scales. The rear wings are an off white colour.

Tinea Biselliella is a yellow or buff colour with long hairs around the head. The edges of the wings will appear lighter as there are no darker patches in the wings.

White Shouldered House Moth (Endrosis Sorcitella)

This moth has smaller males than females, with the male being approximately 6mm long and the female 10mm.

The head and thorax are white, leading to the name of the insect. Most of the body, and wing edges are covered with fine hairs

The fore-wings are a mottled pattern of light and dark greys and browns and the rear wings are a more uniform colour.

Brown House Moth (Hafmamnophilia Pseudospretella)

This is generally a little larger than the other moths - males being about 8.5mm and females 14mm.

As the name indicates this moth is brown, with the hind wings being a lighter shade of brown. The front wings have darker speckles and three blotchy spots at approximately the centre of the wing.

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