Angoumois Grain Moth(Sitotroga Cerealella)

This moth is noted for its angular wings, and the trailing edges of both sets are fringed. Its common name comes from a district in France where it caused extensive damage in the 19th Century.

The moth lays 40 - 300 small white eggs which turn red before hatching, in around 7 days. The larvae then moves into a single grain and stoppers the hole with a silk plug. This makes detection of the larvae difficult and can lead to a large amount of grain damage before detection. The larvae remain in the grain to pupate, the adult moth emerging around 35 days after initial hatching.

An`gou`mois" moth" (?; 115). [So named from Angoumois in France.] Zool.

A small moth (Gelechia cerealella) which is very destructive to wheat and other grain. The larva eats out the inferior of the grain, leaving only the shell.


© Webster 1913.

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