Easily the ultimate device for the creation of pure confusion, a house of mirrors is a labrynth consisting of narrow passages, the walls of which are, of course, mirrors.

As you walk through a house of mirrors, you will undoubtedly see your reflection off a dead end, however, it is difficult to judge whether the dead end is right in front of your face, or down beyond a possible turn and exit.

I guess one could get used to navigating a house of mirrors if they did it frequently, but for almost everyone, it is a very unfamiliar and strange experience. For extra mind-bending power, a house of mirrors can also be equipped with clear glass walls in addition to the mirrors.

I was once in a portable house of mirrors at a carnival when the power failed! The event was held at night, and the lack of ambient light and thus reflections seemed to make it easier to navigate the maze. Thus, I suppose closing your eyes might either make it easier to find your way through, or just make it easier to crash into people.

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