Wanting to own everything you love and desire is by all means a known psychological phenomenon. In relationships, such behaviorical signs can at times be spotted in both, men and women.

As for the non-social objects, it has been suggested that in the postmodern era, men pose stronger, oftentimes excessive materialistic needs and desires. Cultural reasons and classic family upbringing may be to blame for that (even if really not, they do act as a viable and smart-sounding excuse, for that matter).

To take this on the mandatory end-human level, take an example of computer games. How many games did you ever really delete? Did you ever consider owning or storing any games more important than actually playing them?

If you ever found a really nice book, did you just have to get it yourself? Perhaps to make sure it would always be there in your bookshelf? Even if it was obvious you would not be going to read it again any time soon, and you knew you always could find a copy at your local library? Or at a friend's bookshelf, for that matter?

Perhaps downloaded yourself a copy of all the files you knew really would always be there on the Net and never expected them to disappear? Or read all your messages at home and preserved an off-line copy, not because you would need them, but because you wanted to make sure you would always own all the beautiful words and amusing stories ever sent to you or the mailing-lists?

If that is so, would you really not like to also put Everything into a drawer?

Well, I would, really.

But, I can't.


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