An alcoholic drink produced and bottled by the Original Bartenders Cocktails Company of Philadelphia. It is made with dairy cream, vodka, imported Canton ginger liqueur, chocolate flavor, ginseng, and other natural flavors including caramel. Commonly sold in 1.75-liter plastic bottles, it is 25 proof, or 12.5% alcohol. It should be kept refrigerated after opening, and the label says it should be enjoyed blended with ice or on the rocks. I have found it is also quite good when served warm, and makes a nice addition to a mug of hot chocolate.

This is also apparently the name of a cocktail quite unrelated to the OBC version. The cocktail is mostly orange juice, with 2.5 ounces of triple sec and a splash of grenadine. This should be served on the rocks - with the grenadine added last - and garnished with cherries.

Still another version calls for one part Chambord - a raspberry liqueur - and one part Bailey's Irish Cream.

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the label of the chocolate/ginger version for the triple sec version for the Chambord version

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