Royale Chambord Liqueur is imported to America by La Maison De'Lan Et Cie (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) from France. It is considered "La Liqueur Royale de France", and has been produced by the same family for many generations. It should also be mentioned that the "d" in Chambord is silent, and often mispronounced.

The finest, ripest Black raspberries (framboises noires) are infused with a fine cognac that has been mellowed no less than four years in oak barrels. Once this infusion is complete, red raspberry, currants and blackberry extracts are added, along with spices such as mace, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, vanilla, orange and lemon. Just prior to being placed into wood barrels for further aging, Acacia honey is added.

Chambord is bottled in a very distinct style. The bottles, which are clear glass allowing the rich black/purple color to shine, are roundish in shape with a gold seal bearing the Chambord name. The cap is a shaped like a crown.

Chambord is very rich in raspberry flavor, sweet, without being syrupy. As it is 33 proof, or 16.5% alcohol by volume, it may be drunk as a liqueur, used in a variety of mixed drinks, or in cooking.

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