Presented by John Peel, Home Truths is one of the most entertaining programmes on BBC Radio 4. Every Saturday morning from 9 o'clock, Peely spends an hour talking to weird and wonderful people about their weird and wonderful lives. Topics covered range from the hilarious (stories of French exchange hell, amusing wrong numbers) to the tragic (death of loved ones, divorce). John Peel proves that he knows about more than just obscure music. He manages to be either sympathetic or entertaining, depending on what is called for.

An interesting spin-off of the programme is the Home Truths discussion board on the Radio 4 website. In the early days, contributors restricted themselves to topics under discussion on the programme, but nowadays the postings have taken on a life of their own. You should check out either the site or the programme, if only to reassure yourself that there are people out there with lives even weirder than yours.

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