This was written on a t-shirt for a Michelle Shocked concert that my parents once went to. My mother had the t-shirt, which was emblazoned with stars and stripes, not sure if they're sincere or sarcastic, but the ideas are so close...

Folk in A, man! most of my youth was spent as a freak... i would not swear, in any way, because the books and their words gave me stronger ways to communicate to those who would understand. My peers would tease me and try to prompt one "damn," "fuck", "hell" from me. They didn't.

Except, they all remember the conversation when i was talking about the day one day when i would have a car: it was predicted that would have a big damn car.

I don't want a big damn car!

That's how i lost the virginity of my speech to my family. Folk in 'A', man, folk in 'A',
I don't remember the first time i thought of it, but when i agree with something, i think, I don't want a big damn car, unless i have friends to fill it!

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