A phrase commonly heard in entertainment featuring the police or the military, as an order not to shoot.

Also, the studio album that Rush released on September 8, 1987. Many Rush fans this album and other albums in their synthesizer/keyboard/techno-like era (I wouldn't call it techno myself). It does lack the low end sound that earlier and later works have, due to Geddy Lee not being on bass. However, this album is one of their better unified in my mind; even more so when you consider it does not have an epic like their earlier albums. The songs are driving, and unlike Resist on the recent Test for Echo, Tai Shan's slowness does not disrupt the flow. This album is a particular favorite of mine when driving, particularly when starting out; Force Ten (refering to the Beaufort Scale, by the way) gets the blood flowing and allows you to focus on each moment rather than the trip ahead.

  1. Force Ten (4:28)
  2. Time Stand Still (5:07)
  3. Open Secrets (5:37)
  4. Second Nature (4:35)
  5. Prime Mover (5:19)
  6. Lock and Key (5:08)
  7. Mission (5:15)
  8. Turn the Page (4:53) (not a cover of the Bob Seger song)
  9. Tai Shan (4:14)
  10. High Water (5:32)

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