A recent show at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Hitchcock and Art offered a selection of interesting Alfred Hitchcock ephemera, thought-provoking juxtapositions of his works with those of various pre- and post-Hitchcock artists in a variety of themed rooms, and screenings of films from his earliest to his last.

Features include: a room of key props (replicas, unfortunately) in individual display cases, each arranged on blood-red velvet alongside a photo from the corresponding movie; numerous monitors showing clips designed to illustrate recurring motifs, cinematic comparisons and influences, and so forth; an imperfect but chilling reproduction of Marion Crane's room at the Bates Motel. (Janet Leigh attended the opening of the exhibit, as did Hitchcock's daughter, Patricia.)

If this show comes to a venue near you, and you are a Hitchcock fan, I highly recommend a visit.

Update - according to the issue of Premiere with the Lord of the Rings cover story, the exhibit is in Paris for a while -- and they did a lovely job of reporting on it as though it hadn't opened here! I'm beginning to think the separatists are right -- the world is conspiring against Quebec! And France is in the lead! (05 december 2001)

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